October 12, 2013

Interview with Paranormal Investigator Matt Cline

Paranormal investigation is something that has always been interesting to me. I love watching the investigations on TV but had never actually met a real Paranormal Investigator until last December. After meeting Matt, I started keeping up with the investigations that he goes on. To learn more about the paranormal group and the investigation process, I decided to interview Matt. Check out the in depth interview below. 

What paranormal group are you with?

I'm with Appalachee Paranormal.

Tell me a little about Appalachee Paranormal.

We are based out of Princeton, WV. We have been featured on Travel Channel's Paranormal Challenge with Zak Bagans TV show, have done countless investigations in West Virginia, Virginia, and surrounding areas. We also have hosted many public paranormal events, ranging from public discussions, presentations, and full scale public investigations.

What kind of equipment does the group use?

We use a wide variety of paranormal equipment. We have several various forms of EMF detectors, REM type devices, digital recorders, spirit boxes, temperature sensors, etc. We use a lot of experimental equipment from Digital Dowsing. We also have infrared and full spectrum video cameras and photo cameras. We have an 8-channel DVR camera system. We enjoy trying a wide variety of techniques and experiments with lots of different equipment.

How long does an investigation usually last?

It depends on the location. Some spots want you out by a certain time and things of that nature. But I would say that we typically investigate a location 4-6 hours. Some more, some less.

How is an investigation conducted?

We like to start by touring the location. This gives us a chance to map out the location and often the owner will walk you through and give you history or experiences for particular spots. From there, we will do an EMF sweep of the entire location. This allows us to rule out any natural energy spots in the location. From there, it depends on the location. Typically, there are four of us on an investigation. Most places at this point we will break off into teams of two, switching partners and equipment throughout the night. If it's a larger location we will often stay together, at least for a period of time. During an investigation we use every technique possible to try to attempt to communicate.

What are some of the most active cases you have encountered?

There is a Catholic Church from the 1800's near us here in Princeton. It is truly the most active place we have ever been. We have done large, famous locations such as Trans Allegeheny Lunatic Asylum and Moundsville State Penitentiary, and those were great, but they don't compare in activity to this church. There are tons of questions to the reasoning of why this church may hold such activity that may never be fully answered, but it's a spot we can't stay away from because of the intense activity and mystery.

Do you have any examples of paranormal activity that you can share?

I will share a link of an investigation that we did in Bluefield, WV. We made a sort of webisode out of it and it contains several interesting incidences.

Also, you can search Appalachee Paranormal on YouTube and find most of our other online videos. Also check our website for evidence links.

What is the scariest situation that you have had while on an investigation?

The scariest situation for me, personally, was at the church I spoke of earlier. This was a personal experience that could never truly be understood or documented, but it was so intense for me that I know something truly happened. I was sitting in the 2nd row of pews on the left side of the curch. It's completely pitch black dark in here. Suddenly, I see something that appears to be darker than the darkness inside of the building slithering toward me. As it seemed to get closer it appeared to be, as I for some reason called it thereafter, a serpent. I literally started freaking out and jumped up to where I was standing on the pew to get off of the floor. Then, I looked back down where it had been and absolutely nothing was there. As I said, it's hard to even understand that. It honestly is for me too. But at the same time, I know what I experienced and how frightening it truly was.

What got you interested in the paranormal?

I had always had at least somewhat of an interest in it. As a child, just through folk lore, stories, and horror movies. Then I got asked to go on an investigation by Jack Wade, another member of our team. I went with him and the team he was on at that time and absolutely fell in love. From there, myself, Jack, Jeff Griffith, and Tony Riffe formed Appalachee Paranormal and have been going strong since.

Where is one place, that you haven't investigated, that you would most like to?

The place I would most like to investigate that I haven't would probably be Gettysburg. The battlefields, the buildings, the whole works. I'm kind of a history buff and the tragic past from there is unbelievable.

How can readers connect with Appalachee Paranormal?

Twitter: @ap_paranormal
Email: appalacheeparanormal@gmail.com

You can find me personally at

Email: blueturtlegrass@gmail.com

We are available for investigations, appearances, and events.

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